Preparing to go: All packed! (almost)

With a weekend left to go, we are almost all packed! All we are bringing over are in these 12 suitcases, plus carry-ons.

People have been asking:

Are you shipping anything over?

Nope! We are only bringing what we can in these suitcases and carry-ons. We are thankful to be able to check in so many suitcases because of Cameron’s silver medallion status with the airline. So we don’t have to pay for extra baggage. And we have managed to pack all that we want to bring!

What will you miss most about Singapore? Are you going to miss any food?

Speaking for myself, I’ll miss the people the most. I’ve managed to spend the last few weeks meeting up with different people, but time is still not enough for me to meet everyone I would have liked to meet. I’ll miss everyone but thanks to Facebook, I can still catch up with your lives here!

I don’t think I’ll miss any food in particular except Teh from the coffeeshop! I was telling some friends, I think what I will miss most will be the usual fare like rice and porridge, not any iconic Singapore dish. But I can cook! So if I do miss anything, it will be a good chance to learn to cook something new!

Cameron also discovered there’s a restaurant in our area that sells Singaporean and Malaysian cuisine so we’re definitely going to pay it a visit. And if the food is good, we’ll have a place to go to for prata and other local fare. They even have tissue prata!

Here are some things I bought to bring over.

At least I can make Hainanese chicken rice a few times.

Counting down to 3 days more…


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