First week in Michigan

A week has gone by in the blink of an eye.

We are well settled in Cameron’s parents’ home for now. So thankful for their love and welcome and for going out of their way to make us feel at home.

The kids have adjusted really well and mostly gotten over the jetlag. They love being able to go outside to play (we’ll see what happens in winter!). Even Anna is eating much better! I can’t figure out why! Here are some photos of the kids.

The boys start school on 29 August and we have to get their uniforms, shoes and everything for school ready! It’s a learning journey for me as things are done differently here.  But new things are always exciting. I mentioned to Caleb about being able to have his friends over sometimes and he’s excited about that. He’s also excited about being able to do sports in school soon!

On the church side, we will be visiting different churches for now, meeting up with friends from these churches. We are thankful for these friends who have been really helpful in helping us get settled here.

Catherine has 2 kids in the same school as the boys and has been most helpful in telling me what the boys need for school and what to expect. Thank you!

Before we came here, people have been praying for God to come before us and prepare the way for us. We have seen His goodness and experienced His favour eve  in this first week that we’ve been here! We’ve met random strangers and talked to them and they end up offering us help when we start the church! We believe there will be many more of these divine meetings and connections and look forward to building relationships with those whom God has known beforehand will come alongside and put their hands to plough together with us in the new church plant. 

In case you think everything is rosy, there are speedbumps in any new project or move. But they are just speedbumps, mostly in the form of bureaucracy or paperwork! We are learning the processes and will sort them out. We still have some paperwork to sort out on the Singapore side and are hoping to get tenants for our place in Singapore. So these are some things you could pray for us.

Thank you for walking with us. 


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