First Day of School

We survived first day of school! I think the boys slept better than me the night before! It was a rough start for Caleb (being the new kid in the class) but by the end of the day, both boys were beaming and excitedly telling us all they did in school. 

Here are some shots from First Day of School.

Making lunches is a new thing for me! We’re so used to getting food from the canteen back home. I miss my school canteen food!

Going to a new school can be quite daunting to a kid. It seems everybody knows everybody and you wonder if you’ll be accepted into their circle. Then the boys start messing with you like they do to other boys and you realise you are already in their circle. After all, you are classmates for this year, and perhaps many years to come.

Recess was the favourite part of the day for both boys! Evan said he pushed a kindergarten kid on the swing. That didn’t come out sounding right. What he meant was he helped push a kindy kid on the swing, instead of going off to play by himself. And he even stopped to ask the kid if he was pushing too high or if he needed to stop. But the kid was having so much fun swinging. 🙂 (I’m a proud mama!)

Caleb played basketball and football during recess. He’s sooooo happy that he can be involved in more sports here in this school, maybe even audition for a school musical.

I like that both boys are excited about school – not just the learning part but also the other school activities. I think we will enjoy going to their games and school events too. 

I’m trying very hard not to compare the schools here and in Singapore… but… just wanted to add a comment Evan made that made me think. He says there’s more time here to do things in class (when I mentioned the longer school hours). What he meant was there seems to be more time to go through learning activities. I think this may be true. We are often rushing through lessons in class. It may be so in higher grades here too. How much more beneficial if we can slow down and allow kids to have time to digest and internalise what they’re learning in class.

Signing out. Gotta get sleep and be ready for 2nd day of school!


2 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. Dear Delia, have been following your posts since privilegedtoserve until now and am so impressed at how your children are growing up well! Will you be able to share what parenting books/ resources you read while you were bringing up Caleb, Evan and Anna? God bless your family!


    1. Thank you Rachel! That is so encouraging. Sometimes I wonder if I should continue writing. And encouragement like this keeps me going.

      I don’t have any recommended go-to parenting books. I think the most important book we rely on is the Bible. 🙂 We pray and discuss together issues with parenting, and we talk to the kids a lot too. And pray for them everyday. So I can only say it’s the grace of God that our kids are such blessings. I really think they are great kids, even though we have our challenging times too (like Anna going back to wetting her pull ups after being toilet trained for months).

      I do read some books but it’s more for fun. I remember one called Raising a Superhero or something like that. And I read a lot of articles online, and other mom blogs. 🙂

      Let me know if you have any issue you wanted to discuss. You can email me at Are you blogging too?


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