First Saturday of September – enjoying nature and a bit of Singapore

On this first Saturday of September, we went to Yates Cider Mill. The last time we went there was 5 years ago. It was more crowded than we expected. Probably because they’re just opened for the fall.

We loved the nature walk along Clinton River. I have a special liking for this river that winds around a large area. I don’t know why! (For our Cornerstone Singapore friends, it’s the river you saw behind Cameron in our video!) 

Us on a log
Daddy says to pretend to look like you’ve walked a long way! Anna obvious hasn’t started acting classes…
A “Walk with the Walcotts” shot
Evan posing under an apple tree

The boys got to ride on a carousel with real ponies and drink apple cider and have cinnamon sugar donuts. Anna had all of the above except she backed out on the pony ride. But of course after her brothers were done she decided she wanted to do it and went into a pitiful cry. Too late. 🙂

And they fed some goats and a llama that spits, apparently.

After that we searched out this Thai-Malaysian-Singaporean restaurant. And we got to enjoy Hainanese chicken rice, char siew and roti prata right here in Metro Detroit! Many thanks to the hubby who found this place online! 

The chef is probably Malaysian and food is close to home tastes.
Roti canai & curry. The roti is more like tissue prata and the curry like chicken curry. Both are good!

On a day when I was missing family and home (probably because there’s a family wedding going on), this brought home a little closer to our hearts. Thinking we could come here next Aug for National Day! 


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