Moving Day!

Wow sorry it’s been a while since the last post. Not that not much has been going on. More like we’ve been busy. And one of the things we were busy with was moving into our own place!

We are grateful that Cameron’s parents let us stay at their place for however long we needed. We are also glad that we found a suitable place to move into quite quickly! It’s been a blessing both ways!

Tuesday was Moving Day this week. The days before that we were cleaning and getting furniture and our things in. We bought some and got some furniture from friends and family. It all worked out very well and we now have a cosy place to call home. The kids are very excited to move into their own home and have their own beds! We moved Anna to a big girl’s bed, sharing a room with Evan. Evan got a loft bed and Caleb got his own room. It’s a win-win all around. (It will be a great win for us most of all if Anna learns to stay in her own bed through the night!)

Here are some pictures of us and the kids in our home!

The kids have different themed beds according to their likes. Caleb has Detroit Lions.
Star Wars for Evan
And Frozen for Anna
She thinks that the best way to smile for the camera is to stick her tongue out. She tries to get me to do it too.
Anna likes to follow me around the house as I work. I’m trying to line the linen closet here. Oftentimes I don’t complete a project till days later. 😂

Had fun decorating the house and making it homey.

Love this bathroom set I found.

Today was painting-the-basement day. It’s quite therapeutic to paint. I think my arms will suffer tonight. We’re semi-finishing basement so we can have more living space. And always good to have more space so we can have visitors! Looking forward to see who will be the first visitor from Singapore!

Ending with a walkthrough of the house, hosted by the Awesome Cameron Walcott.


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