Gearing up to First Preview Service!!

Excitement is oozing out of my pores! What am I excited about? The very first service we are going to have for The Cornerstone Michigan! Thank you for following us thus far. It is only going to get more exciting!

We have been doing all the background work that goes into starting a church – getting it registered, starting a bank account, paperwork, looking for a venue, loading up on coffee and prayer! And now we are so close to the first service! I’m not giving away details yet. Keep some suspense. But let’s just say it’s going to be this month, on a special date. 🙂

I’m working on the church website right now and is giving me a headache by not loading what I need it to load! So I’m resorting to blogging to manage my excitement…

As a new church with no staff on board, we basically do need to learn the ropes and do everything ourselves. We are glad for help from professionals and friends here and there. It really helps to have help from those who know what they’re doing. Saves time and energy and spares us from frustration. Then we can focus on what WE are good at.

I’m also thankful for all the on-the-job training and experience we got when serving in Cornerstone in Singapore! I learnt to use Microsoft Excel because I had to keep the database for our youth ministry when we were starting out! And pastoring the African Congregation gave us a sneak peek of what it will be like to be pastoring a church. It was also this ‘training and preparation’ time that gave us opportunities to grow our faith and to trust that God always, always provides what we need. So now when we see the tasks that loom ahead, we know we can go to God and ask for help! And He sends help.

Just 2 days ago I was about to start on designing a publicity flyer for our service (not my forte, but something I’ve had to do on several occasions over the years). I was reading a book on church planting then and the author suggested looking for help from other churches if we need to. And it was a lightbulb moment. Why didn’t I think of getting someone from Cornerstone to help?  Perhaps we have been used to just jumping in and getting things done ourselves.

So anyway I turned to my WhatsApp group of young ladies from my ex-youth zone to ask for volunteers to help. And almost immediately one of them replied to say she’s willing and able to help! She’s one of those who run the youth service back home and also has done media. So I was soooooo glad that she offered to help!

As I was chatting with her, she told me she was just praying and asking God for opportunities to spend her time fruitfully. So when I sent out the text, it was a God-made connection. We needed help; she needed to do something. I can’t even say how thankful I am for her help. And she designed the flyer so quickly and it was exactly what I wanted. (Stay tuned, I will share the flyer soon!)

So thank you, Rasey!

This is just one example. When we were serving in the African Congregation and I was overseeing the Children’s Church, God had also sent help when we needed. Because the ministry was quite transient as the members move away or move back home quite often, sometimes we find ourselves in need of teachers. Time and again God has brought people to help just when we needed them! It wasn’t even that I advertised on Facebook for teachers. It was through connections with other church members. I remember just chatting with a couple and telling them about the African ministry, and they ended up being such an integral part of the African Children’s Church. When I thought about it later that day, I realised I haven’t even started praying for teachers because we had just learnt news of the teachers then having to leave. But God provided. He provided not just one teacher but a dynamic duo who have such a passion for teaching children. God knows our needs. And He provides above and beyond what we ask for (or didn’t ask for!).

Right now we still need to build up the team for our church. We do need a good worship leader (also not our strength) so if you are praying, please pray specifically for that.

The other thing we need prayer for is for a suitable venue. We have been looking and negotiating with owners, but have not been able to confirm a suitable venue. We hope to rent a venue in Downtown Mt Clemens. Some of the units are too small, others are beyond our budget. I know God knows where He wants us to be. I just need my eyes and ears to be open to know too! We are renting a venue for a few hours for the First Preview Service and will continue to be looking. Please pray for favor and open doors. It will be good to be able to settle in a more permanent venue soon.

Thank you for praying and for Walking with the Walcotts! Here are some photos of Downtown Mt Clemens that I took on one of our prayer walks there. (I will go back to work on the website and hope the website builder will cooperate so  I can share our website soon!)



6 thoughts on “Gearing up to First Preview Service!!

  1. Thanks for the update much love and prayers for the church permanent venue and the highly needed people like the worship leader.


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