Mid-March update: mostly revolving school

Things have gotten a little busier around here as I started a full-time job last week substitute teaching at a public high school. It’s almost like stepping back into full-time teaching, minus the form class and CCAs (and Homework Club that I actually miss). Hours are the same as Singapore schools. 

Some experiences are different teaching here, much remains the same – the photocopying machine bails out on you when you need it the most. Teens tell the same lame jokes and cooks up the same excuses. But they are a joy to teach! I have not met many sassy kids, just one so far. And no ‘ah bengs’ to establish dominance over and show who’s boss. 😊

On the kids’ side, Anna just started pre-school the week before I started work. She goes 3 half-days each week at the boys’ school. We really like the school and hope the kids can grow up there. And we pray that there’ll be an opening there for me to go teach! 

She loves seeing her brothers in school and they love her to bits!
Love these kids who bring so much fun and joy to us!

That makes Cameron very busy too, having to get the kids ready for school in the morning and take them to school because I leave for work before they get out of bed. He’s also been taking on Anna duty when she’s not in school. I’m so grateful for a husband who’s so hands-on and such a great partner to parent with! And who helps with the housework too! On top of planting a church, viewing church properties, filling out taxes (when a tax accountant bailed out on helping us. Yes, it was going to be a paid job. She just couldn’t figure it out but my husband could!), coaching the boys’ basketball teams and planning a trip to Africa. Yes, he does all that and more! 

We are close to renting a place for the church when we start weekly services in April. Waiting to finalise things with the real estate agent. There will be pictures here soon hopefully!


Please continue to pray for us:

– For my brother-in-law’s mom who is really ill.

– for the church venue to be finalised.

– for volunteers for the church, especially worship leaders and children’s church helpers.

– for God to draw people to Himself and touch the community here, whether through our church or the other great churches here.

Thank you always for Walking with the Walcotts. God bless you.


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