#MindBlown Part 3

This story speaks of the faithfulness of God in providing for our every need and granting the desires of our heart. Firstly, it was His providence that I got a job in my kids’ school just a year after we moved here. We had been praying for an opening so that I could be in … More #MindBlown Part 3

#MindBlown Part 2

This is another story in #mindblown series that shows the faithfulness and goodness of God. We started Communion and Healing Services in September. (We will be having these services the last Tuesday of every month.) In our first meeting, 2 men came for the first time. Towards the end of the meeting we took prayer … More #MindBlown Part 2

#MindBlown Part 1

  This is a series of stories that remind us of God’s goodness and faithfulness. When our faith wanes low, His faithfulness remains steadfast. And He reminds us that He is with us. Starting a new church from scratch is not a job for the fainthearted. Even though we know God has called us to … More #MindBlown Part 1


Home. Is Singapore home? Or is Michigan home? Both are home to us now. There will always be a sense of ‘going home’ when we head towards Singapore, but now, there is also a sense of ‘going home’ when we head back to the US. We went to Singapore for a 3 week vacation in … More Homecoming

Mid-March update: mostly revolving school

Things have gotten a little busier around here as I started a full-time job last week substitute teaching at a public high school. It’s almost like stepping back into full-time teaching, minus the form class and CCAs (and Homework Club that I actually miss). Hours are the same as Singapore schools.  Some experiences are different … More Mid-March update: mostly revolving school

First Preview Service!

We had our first of 3 preview services last Saturday and it went great! Thank you all for praying. We spent the day rehearsing for worship, having lunch with our friends visiting from Indiana, making last changes to powerpoint slides, setting up equipment and refreshments for the service, and finally enjoying the service. It was … More First Preview Service!

My dream for what we can do for the youth in the community

The boys have made it through one semester of school; we had parent-teacher conferences with their teachers last Friday. They are doing well in school, scoring As in their subjects and making a lot of new friends. I think they are making such good friends that their social calendars keep us busy with playdates and … More My dream for what we can do for the youth in the community

What the Church should be as gleaned from the Tabernacle of Moses

In a previous post about Church, I was mulling over my thoughts of what the Church should be. There are many ways to describe the Church, and many things the Church should be, but the thought that kept coming to me is that we, who are the Church, are called to be ‘kings and priests’ … More What the Church should be as gleaned from the Tabernacle of Moses